A Textile Designer specialising in Embroidery. Her work is often colour focused, incorporating lots of texture and illustration.MA and BA(Hons) Textile Design Graduate.

Metamorphic Hinterland

Metamorphic Hinterland celebrates and is inspired by the constant growth and evolution of life. The collection aims to enhance the movement of garments and allow the wearer to easily tailor the clothes to how they want them to fit, inspiring confidence and increasing the longevity of the garment throughout the changing trends and cycles of life, taking visual inspiration from the growing world around us.

The Obliging Bride

“The Obliging Bride” takes a critical look at Bridal culture and how it can influence decisions surrounding marriage and marital life. In a time of progressive societal change, the work aims to initiate conversations about the seemingly outdated façade of a white wedding. Weddings are rich in age-old superstitions and traditions with forgotten origins, bringing with them debates about religion, sexuality, gender, class, and taste




Sandbourne Collection

Working in partnership with Susanna Thomas Interiors, this pair of hand-drawn embroidered curtains takes inspiration from the rugged and wild beauty of a typical British garden, bridging the gap between the interior and exterior, bringing the wonderous outside in.